Updated : Sept. 3, 2018

                        -ON THE EDGE 360 SPRINT CAR's-

Rules may be added or changed at any time during the season to suit the best interest of the drivers. 

League Format:
Practice, Qualifying, Heat Races, B main, A main.

Max of 24 drivers will start each session

-- 12 start each heat and the top 4 of the heat will be inverted.
  • Top 4 advance to the A Main.
-- 16 cars will start the B main
  • Top 12 will transfer to the A Main
  • Top 6 in the B Main & A Main will be inverted

You must register for our league in both iRacing and on the ARL website and have also raced a minimum of 5 races to be eligible for any prize(s). 

The American iRacing League WILL NOT tolerate intentional crashing, if you are found intentionally wrecking someone for ANY reason you will be disqualified from the race and may serve a suspension. 

The pole setter for the race, starts the race, but cannot start until the pace truck is completely off of the track. If the pole setter jumps the start, we will throw a caution and line everyone back up in their original positions. If the pole setter jumps the start a 2nd time, they will be moved to the end of the field

If you cause more then 1 caution in a single race, you will be disqualified for that race. (Example: If you cause 2 cautions in a heat, you are DQ'd for the heat).

If you cannot drive your car into the pits after an incident, you are finished for that race. (Example: if you crash in a heat race, your car is parked for the heat race, you're still eligible to run the rest of the event). 

If a drivers connection is bad enough that it effects other drivers on the track, then that driver will be removed from the session. You're welcome back in the SAME SESSION if your internet connection (PING) returns back to normal.

You must have a working headset to race in this league.